Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Race Card

For starters, this video and the events surrounding it are the motivation for this discussion:

There are so many things to discuss from this video. What is clear is that for all of the progress that has been made from the Civil Right Movement there are still ignorant people reproducing. It is also clear that when these ignorant people have nothing better to do they will incite violence and hate by playing the race card.

Since the founding of the United States racism has been a real problem plaguing our progress. Slavery was a great injustice unwillingly tolerated from the same people who stated that "all men are created equal." Many of the Founding Fathers fought slavery but knew that, at least at that time, they would not be able to unite the divided colonies into a strong nation if the ratification of the Constitution were based on this one issue alone. It took less than 100 years for the leaders of our country to return to the issue of slavery, and it nearly tore the nation apart in the Civil War. Beyond that, it was nearly another 100 years before full rights of citizenship were given to those freed by the Civil War. Here we are, almost 250 years from the initial argument at the foundation of our country, and the hate, violence, and segregation are now illegal, but are perpetuated nonetheless.

After watching the video above some may think that the New Black Panther Party's acerbic message will be intended to draw attention and recruits only. Make no mistake, they do intend violence. They are anti-white, they are anti-police, and they are anti-government (please watch this video too). The Black Panther Party of the Civil Rights Movement was no different. And, while they do ascribe more to the doctrine of Malcolm X, they also would profess to believe the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. These same people would see no difference in their dreams of black supremacy and the dreams of brotherhood of MLK. These same people would see no difference in their dreams of violent domination and the doctrines of Jesus Christ that they hear from the pulpit every Sunday. The ignorant will continue to justify their wildly ridiculous claims by whatever doctrine sounds good to them, completely ignoring the facts all the while. And they will continue to play the race card because it creates a passive, sympathetic audience.

What I find to be interesting is the complete lack of coverage in the mainstream media of this hate speech and promised violence. If it were the KKK patrolling at voting stations and promising violence so loudly you can believe the case would not have been dropped and the news would have in depth coverage.

At this point, I do think the intention behind the hate rhetoric is to draw out into violence equally ignorant people on the opposite end of the spectrum. This would only 'justify' any acts of retribution on the part of the Black Panthers. The best solution to this problem is counteracting it with intelligence. We need people to stay educated on the current issues and the history of it all. Intelligent dialogue would shed light on the subject that is covered in the darkness of ignorant hate. With that intelligence we can plainly see that this is parallel to the rhetoric used by Hitler to create an environment in which the Holocaust could occur. Will we allow that to happen again?

It is part of the carnal nature of man to be susceptible to greed, envy, hate, lust, and a desire for power. It has been that way since the beginning. Those who act on those desires have many times attained that power, but always at the expense of others' freedoms. It does not matter the reasoning we repress people, whether it is because of race, religion, sex, or political affiliation, it is all wrong. Hate will never end if we only try to counter it with equal and opposite hate. We will only find freedom and brotherhood among those who daily choose to ignore the carnal desires. These are the only people who will truly realize the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. These are the only people who will truly deserve it.


Jeanie Doll said...

I agree. I wish I could spend my days doing something about this. I have said many times that the only racism that is not tolerated is when a white person is racist. I hate when people use the term "reverse racism" it is this crazy idea that racism is only from whites.

Elissa said...

Amen, bro (in law)! Thanks for your insight and keep posting- we need more people with the ability to utilize the written word with such clarity and passion-